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About Us

Ibanda Central Clinic is a Private Health facility located in Ibanda Municipality with a variety of health

Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

We have professional laboratory diagnostic services for patients in our care, as well as collection services for outpatient clinics. We provide clinical laboratory tests for hospital patients, private outpatients, and ambulatory care center patients.

Our goal is to improve the health of our community by providing timely, accurate and cost-effective testing services. We provide a full range of testing services

Lab tests are a vital part of your medical care because they give you and your doctors detailed, objective data about your health. Whether you need regular bloodwork or urine testing as part of a checkup or specialized tests to diagnose rare conditions, count on us to provide an extensive range of services with some of the quickest turnaround times.

Our staff of are highly trained and dedicated to providing reliable test results to give you and your doctor a better understanding of your health.

If your doctor detects risks or suspects certain conditions, he or she may recommend specific lab tests. You can also ask your doctor about taking tests if you want a clearer picture of your health or you’re worried about specific symptoms. Your doctor should have a good understanding of your personal medical history, so he or she will be able to make recommendations based on your concerns.

Our services include:

• B/S for Malaria
• mRDT
• Typhoid Screening Test
• Tyhoid titres
• BAT Titres
• Rheaumatoid Factor

• HBsAg
• HepCAg
• H.Pylori Ab
• H.Pylori Ag
• Serum CRAG
• Urinalysis

• Sputum Analysis
• Stool Analysis
• Clotting factors
• Blood grouping
• Amylase
• CD4

• Urethral Swab
• Culture and Sensitivity
• Semen Analysis
• D-Dimers
• Thyroid Function Tests
• Liver Function Tests

• PSA Sreening
• PSA Levels
• Female Fertility Hormones
• Renal Function Tests (RFTs)
• Electrolytes
• Lipid Profile
• Alpha Feto Protein